Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Three shells story

"Three shells story" by Vanessa
Size: 30x21 cm
Media: oil colors
Painted frame

I like shells for their shapes and pearl color. I thought it would be nice to paint some. You can see – the frame is continuing the central composition and it painted in oil as well. Andre composed all together with addition of denim (which complete this ensemble perfectly!)

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  1. This is an old story... almost 5 years ago, when my husband proposed me to marry him, Vanessa gave us as a wedding present a beautiful big paint of shells and butterflies. The amazing thing was that when as she drew the paint (couple of weeks before we got married), she didn't know at the time that we were going to get married by the sea side and that we had planned an old Indian ceremony that was about to include setting butterflies free.
    This paint is the "little brother" of the big paint, it's lovely
    And I love the jeans as a frame.