Monday, 7 April 2014

Apples and sunflowers

"Apples and sunflowers"
Size: 60x90 cm
Media: oil colors on tretched canvas


This picture has an history: it was repainted and changed several times. Today it's done in its last Nov 2011 Version.
If you are interested to see some historical photos - please enter read more » link below. 

That how it looks now.

It was an accident during the painting:
The background cover (heavy and large enough) was hold on the canvas frame, in front of it a tall glass vase (you can see it on pictures below) with sunflowers holded on shaky stand. Suddenly single strong blow of wind pushed the frame forward, it covered the vase and flowers and all the rest...
It happen when Andre was in the room - near enough to see the performance, but not close enough to catch falling construction. Well... vase has gone, which means that this part of picture was repainted completely.

Historical photos of February 2008 are below.
The first version with two apples and the second version with many red apples (at the right), which were added about 8 months later.


  1. I like this composition because combination of sunflowers, red apples, white material and water creats joyful feelings. I think that printed material (cotton?) in the back softens bright light and adsorbs reflections from glass and increase impression.

  2. Dorothy Fabian /NYC/10 November 2011 at 16:25

    What a lovely gift to the world: a painting a day. For the still lifes, the obvious comparison is with Cezanne. But Stashinski fruits are so much more kinetic.

    Both of "kids" are teemingly talented. Their devotion to each other comes through in their photograph.

    Thanks so much for sharing this site with me. For ready consultation whenever I need a lift, I'm going to save it in a file I've named DELECTATIONS (that is, Delights).

  3. Picture is very calm and relaxing. It's amazing to recognise how long way you did to the final appearance! I liked "to pip into your kitchen" too. Thank you for sharing, Andre!
    Best Regards,
    Piter Mollini

    1. glad you like it , Piter ! You are welcome