Saturday, 5 September 2009

Here is Good News: we are going to open an exhibition!

Where would I begin?
Once upon a time … actually, in 2009, we found ourselves stuck at home for lo-o-o-ong few months for very unwelcome reasons. Even the nearest future was not clear. We used to manage unsettled and full of movement life for years and these new circumstances were very fatiguing.

Fortunately we had a “duck soup“ solution to stay solid - painting . Soon we found ourselves creating one small painting a day. We weren’t new in this business – both of us are into arts from childhood, and we always kept painting, but never did it so intensive! An idea of daily painting fitted us like a glove.

I have to admit that daily painting is great experience! Daily practice gives impressive results – progress is visible and touchable. You are growing up with every canvas and it is amazing feeling. We successes to turn our disadvantage into advantage - prolonged workshop, and it was great!
Such intensive production of still-lifes leaded to gathering of numerous pictures (most of them of similar format and media). They look well all together and in fact they wanted to be shown.

Here is The Good News: we are going to open an exhibition!

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