Monday, 7 September 2009

So excited about the coming exibition!

We begun with sorting and planning – how we want it look.
We are going to show not in the gallery but directly in our studio. I also hope to open a workshop during the exhibition time. We have zero experience as a galleriests and it’s new and exciting experiment.
Running the exhibition by ourselves has tons of difficulties (especially at fact that we are new in it) but the main trouble is publicity. It’s clear for us that we have neither public relations nor necessary skills to run an advertising campaign to compare to professional galleriests.

But there are advantages (my place = my rules)
When running at exhibition in our place we have all the freedom to compose pictures at their best appearance, to doubt, and to change the exposition numerous times. We have flexible schedule and could keep it longer. Also we can show in additional days and hours. We plan continue painting also during the exhibiton, so, I guess we would recompose and enlarge it on the way. The biggest advantage is the direct contact with visitors.

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