Friday, 4 September 2009

Daily workshop

Today we did a morning workshop here, in our studio. It is not huge, but spaciously enough to contain 5-6 students inside. Also we have a fabulous day light during all the day – from two (opposite) windows in the studio. One side (East) is fully lighted at the morning, and afternoon it becomes softer, and at another side (West) has steady light during all the day, but getting strongly illuminated for a few hours afternoon – that makes dramatic shadows and fabulous reflections everywhere.

It was a very small group today and it allowed to everyone to concentrate on own progress in work. At my side – I was glad to be able to give personal attention to everybody, to support and to help them – like it was a private lesson. Very peaceful day!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Vanessa!
    I wanted to thank you for an incredible workshop. It was a wonderful day for me!
    I always feel, if we can at least learn one thing, it has been successful. I learned so many things from you in one day!
    Many many thanks once again!

    With best regards,