Friday, 1 May 2009

Just a plant

"Just a plant" by Vanessa
Size: 25x35 cm
Media: oil colors
Matted (no frame)

It’s cyclamen here. This plant likes cool weather and at the winter it blooms gorgeous...

But during the April-May season the cyclamen hardly stays awake – it becomes tired and its leaves begin to yellow and die. The Cyclamen genus usually goes dormant in the summer. The plant does not do well in the rainless and intense heat, so it takes a siesta. It is a native of the Mediterranean. I love to cultivate them and watch them flower. Each winter I observe the arrival of their first leaves. The plant is active and changes every day. Then the flowers appear – one or two at first, then next day, several more. They have a gentle and sweet smell. It is like an overture, with only the flute sounding. Then, suddenly, one morning you awake to a plant that is covered with flowers.

Oh, yes, I aimed working about different textures and about lightning in this picture!


  1. I like colors here - it's oil (you say!), but it's oil in mood of pastel.

  2. Yeap, this work is very successful first of all because colors, but a composition is also interesting - it's clear that cyclomen is an object of care and love.