Saturday, 3 May 2014


Size: 44x46 cm
Media: Oil on stratched canvas

Yes, yes, it's not a mistake - "by Andre and Vanessa".
V&A - it’s about the team-work. There are not many pictures of us signed V&A (Vanessa & Andre), but we have few. Experience of collaboration, when working together on the same piece, is incredibly interesting, tutoring and even challenging.
We often asked how we doing this.
Let us to answer now and here:

Question: Are you painting at the same time: Andre at the left side and Vanessa at the right?
Answer: No, sure we don’t. We are switching, everyone is working about specific subject /element or just enrich picture, progressing it to the next step.

Question: Is it any competition between you two?
Answer: No competition indeed. We share the studio, materials, tools and knowledge. The partner always is the first who see the new-born painting, and the first to comment and to critic it as well.

Question: Doesn’t painting supposed to be an intimae process? How could you share?
Answer: mmm.. yes, probably it supposed to be an intimae, but we are the family. Arts is one of important elements of our life and we share it the same way as we share other things. Hope it explains


  1. Excellent painting which combines the best features of 2 different individual talants. What is obvious that this fanily is really a creative team. This painting generates a huge emotional response. I particularly admire light and shade on glass objects.

  2. Maria Krebushevski26 November 2011 at 13:12

    Folks, I just wrote brunch of compliments for your autumn works, and now you confused me with spring picture - I already not sure which season of yours I like more!
    Beautiful works, and the fact that you both involved in one picture is really unusual! All this is very beautiful, I wish to comment every one of your paintings if I could.
    All the best,

  3. Very Touching. And there is such a wonderful reflection in the table - as if looking into the water!